“You have to look to the future. If you invest in the present, you’re going to get run over.”


“It’s liquidity that moves markets.”

Stanley Druckenmiller’s mentor

Markets move for a variety of reasons, or sometimes for no reason. Here you’ll find just some of the reasons why people make — or lose — money in stocks, bonds, commodities or currencies. I am Antonia Oprita, a financial journalist with more than 10 years experience covering developed and emerging markets — and a bit of a central bank geek.

Intuition is the one thing that differentiates human investors from computers. Humans can use it to try to anticipate what the next move in the markets will be, beating the automated algos. This site is for people who are interested in what is likely to move the markets in the future, or in the trends that are emerging for the longer term, beyond the daily headlines.

Nothing that is published here should be taken as investment advice.

Marketmoving.info also publishes guest blogs, as long as they add value to the debate.

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