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Dress like a zombie bank this Halloween, says analyst

If you’re still struggling to put together a Halloween costume, RBS strategist Alberto Gallo suggests trying to dress like a zombie bank.

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What the ECB stress tests on banks missed

The ECB stress tests and Asset Quality Review (AQR) on European banks have still left some important risks not tested, a rating agency said.

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High-yield bonds hit bump in the road

The reports – or rumours, as some have called them – that the European Central Bank may decide to buy eurozone corporate debt couldn’t have come at a better time for high-yield bonds.

A report by Austria’s Erste Bank shows that over the past two weeks, the restlessness in equities has also been felt by corporate bonds, and particularly high-yield bonds.

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Eurozone Deflation Threat: Blame the Banks (Again)

Deleveraging by European banks hit by the debt crisis, by new regulation and by upcoming tests of their health is among the main reasons for the threat of deflation that hangs over the eurozone, according to two banking experts.

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ECB Asset Quality Review Brings Bad News for Emerging Europe

The Asset Quality Review (AQR) that the European Central Bank (ECB) must carry out on banks in the eurozone as part of moves towards becoming the banking union’s single supervisor could increase the deleveraging already happening in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, EBRD chief economist Erik Berglof told Marketmoving.info.

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