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Emerging markets currencies outlook for Q2

Emerging markets currencies will be one of the most affected asset classes when the Federal Reserve starts to hike interest rates, but actually some of them stand to benefit.

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Investors not worried about Chinese currency devaluation

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is likely to pursue a stable-to-weaker renminbi this year, a survey of investors showed recently.

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Chinese executives more optimistic on economy: survey

Chinese executives have grown more optimistic about their country’s economic outlook, a survey by consultancy EY reveals.

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Russia faced with ‘a collapse in the currency’

This is the perfect storm for Russia: there are Western sanctions on its businesses, the oil price is falling and now the Federal Reserve has turned off the cheap liquidity tap.

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Chinese shares are facing ‘credit crunch’

Chinese shares look set for a short-term rebound, but for the medium and long term, the weakening economy weighs on their performance. One analyst even talks about a “credit crunch.”

Technical analysis shows “considerable support” for the Hang Seng China Enterprises, the Hong Kong stock exchange index that tracks the performance of the Chinese companies in the form of H-shares.

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Stock markets have fallen too far, say analysts

Stock markets fell sharply on Wednesday, as panic spread like wildfire. There wasn’t any single event that triggered the fall.

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A business opportunity where India can outdo China

By: Sourajit Aiyer

Indian businesses are going international, but Chinese companies are beating them in cracking new opportunities. Nowhere is this more etched than in sectors which require significant long-term funding – like infrastructure and engineering.

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