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House prices are becoming red hot, and this is scary

House price growth is accelerating in the UK and the rest of Europe, but it is far from healthy growth. The consequences of lax rules on lending to house buyers could be devastating.

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Fast and furious rally risks triggering the Sell signal

The markets rallied so fast in November that bullish investors risk pushing the needle towards the “Sell” signal, according to Bank of America’s indicator.

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Record inflows into bonds as Bull-Bear indicator approaches sell signal

The first year of the new decade begins with markets in a much more exuberant mood than at the beginning of 2019. Some of the world’s most important stock markets reached record highs in the last month of 2019 — but do investors feel that markets have peaked?

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‘Brexit’ referendum is bad for the UK no matter the result

The “Brexit” referendum is already turning out to be more toxic than many people would have thought, and that’s before we even know the result.

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Why the bonds selloff? Central banks have lost it

There’s no easy way to put this: the central banks are like the naked emperor in the well-known story. And the only solution that could save us from the next recession is so politically sensitive that it will not be put into practice.

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UK housing market: here’s what could spoil the party

The UK housing market is one of the most fascinating in the world. With prices well above their 2007 peaks in London and the south-east of England, more and more people say it is a bubble waiting to burst. And yet, there seems to be no shortage of buyers.

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Why household debt needs to be written off

By Antonia Oprita

The story on the need to bail out households just like we bailed out the banks has sparked some controversy. To some extent, this was to be expected – but the truth is that forgiving household debt is the only real way out of the crisis.

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This Stock Market Rally Is Not a Bubble: Strategists

The stock market rally, which sent the Dow Jones index to record highs this month, is far from developing into a bubble that will burst soon, according to strategists at Libra Investment Services.

The Dow Jones Industrials index gained more than 23 percent over the past year, the Nasdaq advanced by nearly 35 percent and the S&P 500 saw a 28 percent rise.

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UK Housing Bubble Dangerous Over Long Term: Strategist

The UK housing bubble endangers the future policy stance of the Bank of England and could even lead to social unrest over the long term, a strategist with RBS warned on Wednesday.

The UK government brought forward its “Help to Buy” scheme, designed to help home buyers climb the property ladder by offering them taxpayer-subsidised loans for 20% of the price of homes cheaper than 600,000 pounds.

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