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Gordon Gekko’s ‘greed is good’ mantra risks infecting society

You could argue that those protesting against trans-Atlantic free trade agreements are die-hard socialists who prefer to keep Europe’s sclerotic status-quo and don’t want change.

Or you could wonder if they have a point. Their protest isn’t as much against the trade agreements per se, as against increasing dominance by big, multinational companies that have as much cash as a medium country’s GDP and so much power they sometimes bend governments to their will.

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No, Brexit Won’t Make the UK the Apple of Apple’s Eye

The European Commission’s ruling requesting Ireland to ask Apple to pay back around €13 billion in tax arguing that it distorted competition has led to some enthusiastic commentary in the media that a post-Brexit U.K. would become more attractive for multinationals. I am not sure that will be the case. At least, not without a big compromise over what Brexit means.

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Corporate India – a brief guide to the best practices

By Sourajit Aiyer

The current economic slowdown in India is not just an aftereffect of the financial crisis of 2007. A lot is written of how China and India received only minor bruises from that crisis due to certain structural patterns in which they had opened up their economies in the last two decades. Conversely, many advanced economies caught a cold when America sneezed.

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