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Stop subsidising CEO bonuses with taxpayer money

As executive compensation continues to increase, more evidence emerges of the link between compensation and risky behaviour that could, in the most extreme cases, lead to the collapse of the firm and why not, the global economy.

And yet some CEOs’ bonuses are being subsidised by public money, especially in the UK where the taxpayer generously tops up salaries that are too low for employees to be able to live on.

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Confidence in the economy surges, M&A appetite jumps

Confidence in the economy surged, with 83% of global executives in a recent survey saying they felt optimistic, compared with 53% half a year ago.

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Chinese executives more optimistic on economy: survey

Chinese executives have grown more optimistic about their country’s economic outlook, a survey by consultancy EY reveals.

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Media sector to be swept by a wave of mergers: survey

A wave of mergers and acquisitions is about to sweep through the media and entertainment sector, according to a new survey by consultancy firm EY.

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Mergers appetite in power and utilities hits two-year high

Appetite for mergers and acquisitions in the power and utilities sector has reached a two-year high as investor confidence remains elevated, a survey by EY shows.

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Company executives upbeat about earnings: survey

Company executives’ confidence in the stability of the global economy has improved, and appetite for mergers and acquisitions has increased, a survey by consultancy EY shows.

It also shows a jump in their confidence in the outlook for company earnings, just as earnings season kicks off in the U.S.

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