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Big Companies Have Too Much Power Over the Customer

If you search online “do corporations have too much power”, results are dominated by Unites States sources. It’s as if the debate hasn’t even started in the UK. Perhaps it should.

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Stop subsidising CEO bonuses with taxpayer money

As executive compensation continues to increase, more evidence emerges of the link between compensation and risky behaviour that could, in the most extreme cases, lead to the collapse of the firm and why not, the global economy.

And yet some CEOs’ bonuses are being subsidised by public money, especially in the UK where the taxpayer generously tops up salaries that are too low for employees to be able to live on.

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Banks mis-selling scandal: how was it possible?

By Patrick Selley

I once attended a speed awareness course, and everyone in the room was asked to give a reason for why drivers habitually break the speed limit. From the range of answers given, I was surprised that no one gave the only real reason.

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EBRD to raise stake in Moldovan bank to restore governance

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said it has applied for regulatory approval to raise its stake in Moldova’s third-largest bank, Victoriabank, “with the aim of restoring effective corporate governance at the bank and ensuring its continued sound financial performance.”

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Corporate India – a brief guide to the best practices

By Sourajit Aiyer

The current economic slowdown in India is not just an aftereffect of the financial crisis of 2007. A lot is written of how China and India received only minor bruises from that crisis due to certain structural patterns in which they had opened up their economies in the last two decades. Conversely, many advanced economies caught a cold when America sneezed.

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