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Correction of 50% for London house prices possible

As the effects of the vote by the UK people to leave the European Union still unfold, more and more economists say property will take a serious hit. A 50% cut in property prices in London is among the possibilities mentioned by one analyst.

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In 2016, watch out for house price deflation

The word “deflation” is on everybody’s lips now, with falls in consumer prices the main worry of central bankers and their ilk. But are things really all that bad, and what other type of deflation should we worry about in 2016?

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A new recession could start soon in the US: strategist

The US economy is vulnerable to a new recession that could take place soon, renowned bearish analyst Albert Edwards wrote in recent research.

This means the 33-year bull market in bonds is not nearing its end, as some commentators had thought it might after the recent sudden rise in yields on sovereign bonds.

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Inflation expectations surge in March

Inflation expectations have jumped among investors, the latest fund managers survey by Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows.

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Bearish sentiment signals equities are still a ‘buy’

Despite warnings in some quarters about an imminent stock market crash, equities and other risky assets still have plenty of room to run, according to a recent analysis of movements of capital.

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Deflation now, inflation later down the road?

By Antonia Oprita

Talk of inflation may seem absurd right now, when everybody worries about deflation. But is this actually the calm before the storm?

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Lower oil prices, the doom and the boom

Oil prices have always had a big political component, but it seems that increasingly they also have a financial, speculative one. And if this means oil stays cheaper for longer, we may be in for a very strong economic boom.

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Marc Faber is right: central banks’ credibility is waning

This week is one of the most important ever for central banks around the world – they just don’t realise it yet. Or maybe they do.

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ECB QE could blow up a ‘credit bubble’ in the eurozone

The European Central Bank’s long-awaited quantitative easing (QE) programme will not actually do much to lift the eurozone from economic stagnation and deflation, a strategist warned.

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