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Young people’s poverty has now become acceptable

By Antonia Oprita

A report due to be released on Tuesday by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) is likely to make some interesting reading (and yes, I am aware of how nerdy this sounds).

The report is about the “intergenerational transmission of poverty in the UK & EU,” an issue that is becoming more and more obvious as inequality rises following the measures taken to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis on capital markets.

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European banks – what to look out for

The link between European banks and sovereign risk has weakened following regulation to establish the eurozone’s banking union, according to recently published research by rating agency Scope Ratings.

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Wall Street could harm Main Street once again

The five-year old recovery has yet to be felt in the real economy. For people who find it difficult to find jobs or for those whose salaries have stagnated, it still feels pretty much like a recession.

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ECB Monetary Policy Is Missing a Trick

In the global currency and liquidity war, the European Central Bank (ECB) has been at a disadvantage.

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Eurozone Deflation Threat: Blame the Banks (Again)

Deleveraging by European banks hit by the debt crisis, by new regulation and by upcoming tests of their health is among the main reasons for the threat of deflation that hangs over the eurozone, according to two banking experts.

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Emerging Europe Stalling, Even Backtracking on Reforms: EBRD

The reform process has been stalling in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet countries even since before the crisis, and it has even reversed in some countries, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Transition Report 2013 shows.

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ECB Asset Quality Review Brings Bad News for Emerging Europe

The Asset Quality Review (AQR) that the European Central Bank (ECB) must carry out on banks in the eurozone as part of moves towards becoming the banking union’s single supervisor could increase the deleveraging already happening in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, EBRD chief economist Erik Berglof told Marketmoving.info.

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Demand for Credit in Eastern Europe Rises Again

Subsidiaries of Western European banks present in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe (CESEE) reported an increase in demand for loans over the six months to October for the first time since the crisis started, a survey by the Vienna Initiative showed on Friday.

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