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Negative interest rates are hurting aristocrats and pensioners

The central banks’ “extraordinary” and “non-conventional” measures are now more than a decade old and they are still going strong.

If initially they were only supposed to last for a few years after the financial crisis of 2007-2009 until things “went back to normal”, this expectation was quietly dropped once it became clear that the extraordinary had become ordinary.

But as these measures continue, their toxic side effects are increasing. They may in fact be contributing to the sluggishness of the world economy and to the lack of productive investment, rather than counteracting them.

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Corporate debt is too high, and markets are mispricing this

Of all the fears sweeping the markets right now, perhaps the most worrying is the fear of a debt crisis in the corporate sector.

Warnings about corporate debt rising to unsustainable levels are intensifying, at a time when interest rates are at record lows and even Greece joined the club of negative-yield sovereign debt issuers.

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The small caps super-cycle is about to begin

A small caps super-cycle whose strength will take many in the markets by surprise is about to begin, according to fund manager Gervais Williams.

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US Companies’ Dividends Likely to Fall: Andrew Smithers

The Congressional Budget Office’s forecast that the US federal budget deficit will be cut by two percentage points of GDP over the next two years is unlikely to come true or, if it does, then companies will be forced to cut dividends, Andrew Smithers, the author of “The Road to Recovery,” said on Tuesday.

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