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UK election has only one loser: the British people

The early UK election highlights the harm done by the Brexit vote, but also its short-term winner: the Conservative party. Hidden for now is the long-term loser: the British people.

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Europe is too gloomy for its own good

“You see, no hope’s a dangerous thing.”

— W.A.S.P. “My Tortured Eyes”

Last year’s Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S. shook the world out of complacency and sent analysts and experts into a frenzy of attempts to explain what was behind these two events.

For Trump’s election there is the partial explanation of the Russian intervention. For Brexit, the fact that the tabloid newspapers have, for years, portrayed Eastern Europeans as benefit scroungers who at the same time “steal” jobs from the British may have played a role.

But what about the rest of Europe?

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The media crisis could bring the end of democracy

This has been a year when the world’s values changed in ways many people would have believed impossible. The Brexit vote was a vote for disintegration and isolation, rather than integration and cooperation. Hot on its heels came the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Both votes prove that public opinion is turning away from the liberal values that seemed, only at the beginning of the year, to solidly anchor the Western world. What it is turning towards definitely looks like a not-so-liberal, not-so-tolerant version of democracy.

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Is Narendra Modi the Best Choice for Future Prime Minister of India?

By Sourajit Aiyer

India is gearing up for Elections and Narendrabhai Modi – the candidate for the position of Prime Minister for the centre-right National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – has churned up public euphoria.

Investors appreciate his pro-business image, given a stellar report card earned as Gujarat’s Chief Minister.

Given the UPA coalition’s performance in its second tenure since 2009, anti-incumbency sentiment is also playing a role. Some view Modi as the Messiah who can lift this economy from its current lows. However, there are also sections who perceive his candidature for PM with scepticism.

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