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Covid-19 offers chance to speed up ESG reforms

The world is slowly coming to terms with the idea that Covid-19 is here to stay and we will have to somehow learn to live with it.

Coupled with the imperative to try to slow down global warming to avoid a climate catastrophe hitting today’s young, this has huge implications not only for our way of life but also for our economies, the way we shop and very likely our diets.

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Are ‘disruptors’ Amazon and Uber really to be admired?

Many people admire companies like Uber or Amazon for the speed with which they build market share and “disrupt” the competition. There is more and more talk about “Uberisation” and when retailers go bust, they are said to have been “Amazoned.”

But we should perhaps stop and think: are we in fact praising nothing else but the return to old-fashioned exploitation? These companies’ main, crucial competitive advantage is cheap labour. OK, technology helps, but if they were to treat people who work for them properly and pay them higher wages, they would not be as rich as they are now.

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Unemployment to get worse unless inequality is tackled: ILO

A recent report on unemployment from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) makes for grim reading, finding that things are going to get worse on the jobs front.

The report proposes one solution to ensure a sustained economic recovery and a revival in the job market, but it will have to be implemented at the expense of the wealthier members of society.

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Labour reform in the eurozone: what is needed?

Investors have come to believe the European Central Bank (ECB) will print money and all will be good again. Consensus is that this will happen sometime in the first three months of 2015.

But they ignore the biggest problem that the eurozone has, which has not been solved by successive governments: reforming the labour market.

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Company executives upbeat about earnings: survey

Company executives’ confidence in the stability of the global economy has improved, and appetite for mergers and acquisitions has increased, a survey by consultancy EY shows.

It also shows a jump in their confidence in the outlook for company earnings, just as earnings season kicks off in the U.S.

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The countries with most opportunities for workers

By Sourajit Aiyer

In today’s age of coupling between economies, cross-border business and multicultural societies, the topics of opportunities for workers and employment mobility are discussed a lot. This personal experiment of mine seeks to identify the countries that are most relevant to work in, in terms of opportunities for both local and foreign workers. The objective is not to identify the best countries to work in. It’s rather to identify the “Relevant” countries to work in.

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How skills vouchers can help emerging markets

By: Sourajit Aiyer

A common thread binds all developing and developed nations today – the issue of skill-creation. Dynamics of commerce are shifting, and in these changing times, our skill capabilities can help keep our countries competitive and relevant.

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