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China cuts growth estimate, but stock market selloff is overdone

China cut its economic growth estimate for last year, and although the revision was minuscule, it was enough to send jitters through markets again.

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US stocks out of favour, European equities shine

US earnings season is in full swing, with many investors watching reports closely to see how much damage the strong dollar has done in the first quarter.

Capital has been flowing out of US stocks, with many market participants worried about wild price swings in the most volatile earnings season in years.

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Eurozone QE, the only guarantee for the second quarter

The only guaranteed theme for the second quarter is that quantitative easing in the eurozone will continue, and it will influence all investment decisions.

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Inflation expectations surge in March

Inflation expectations have jumped among investors, the latest fund managers survey by Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows.

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Don’t let the FTSE record high scare you: strategist

The FTSE 100 closed at a new record high, exceeding the previous record high it had set on December 30, 1999. And suddenly, taxi drivers in London can be heard once again saying that they’re thinking about investing in shares.

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