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To understand (or prevent) the next crisis, read ‘The Money Formula’

Do you want to know how the next financial crisis will arrive, and how it could be prevented? In that case, read “The Money Formula“, a book by Paul Wilmott and David Orrell published earlier this year.

It shows you, with mathematical precision, what the financial world did not learn from the previous crisis. It also shows why it is so difficult for the rest of the world to catch them out.

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Six things to check before investing in a start-up

By Sourajit Aiyer

This article was originally published in InBusiness Dubai.

Start-ups interest me; I have been involved with one that my friend started. I helped him with his investor pitch documents and was part of a group of friends who provided him with bridge funding. When he had to raise working capital, I helped set up meetings for him with some venture funds and intermediaries.

Not just my friend, but I, too, have had invaluable learning. Discussions with my friend, his colleagues, investors and intermediaries helped me develop my own perspective on managing and, more importantly, measuring start-ups.

In case you are thinking of investing in a start-up, then you might want to check if the company you want to invest in is looking at these points:

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How to help your child become smart about money

By Sourajit Aiyer

— This article was originally published in Straits Times, Singapore.

Most parents aspire that their children achieve more than they did. One such area should be better money management.

But how do parents ensure their kids turn out smarter in money management than they are? After all, many parents of our generation are found lacking in money management skills, while most schools do not teach basic money management either.

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