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The European Union’s most corrupt countries

A study about corruption published in December puts forth an interesting, and troubling, conclusion: some countries in the European Union perceive themselves as less corrupt than they actually are.

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The oil price is likely to fall even further

The price of oil has fallen victim to market uncertainty following the Greek referendum. The Brent international crude prices have fallen below $60 a barrel, with a drop of more than 6% recorded on Monday, the biggest intraday fall since February 4 according to the Financial Times.

The paper says oil is headed for a bear market, and some analysts watching the commodity agree that the price of oil has further to fall.

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Investors underestimate ‘Grexit’ risks

As the second quarter begins, Greece is still waiting to reach a deal with its creditors, while its banks are haemorrhaging deposits fast and investors are losing whatever confidence they had left.

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European equities to end the quarter higher

European equities are likely to continue to lead the stock markets higher into the end of the first quarter, but there will be some hiccups.

The technical picture looks good, but the question is whether technical factors and the aggressively interventionist monetary policy will be enough to put an end to the eurozone crisis for good.

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US equities more attractive than European equities

US equities are more attractive on a risk and return basis than European equities or even Asian ones, despite the end of quantitative easing in the US and its beginning in the eurozone.

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The weak euro, the strong dollar and the new global crisis

By Antonia Oprita

With elections in Greece stealing the show, investors would do well to keep an eye on the weakening euro and the strengthening dollar.

The re-balancing of the exchange rates of the world’s two main reserve currencies could have painful consequences for many countries and markets.

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A perfect storm is brewing in Greece

By Lane Carter

It’s not easy to be king. But being a kingmaker can be just as tough, if not worse.

Just ask anyone from the Liberal Democrat Party in the UK, or indeed, Germany’s Free Democratic Party.

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Dress like a zombie bank this Halloween, says analyst

If you’re still struggling to put together a Halloween costume, RBS strategist Alberto Gallo suggests trying to dress like a zombie bank.

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Asset price inflation should be included in the official data

How do you print money and not cause inflation? Easy. Choose the definition of inflation that suits your needs – the one that includes only those items whose prices are not increasing that fast – and ignore price rises everywhere else. Like, for instance, asset price inflation.

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