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Covid-19 should stop the government’s house price subsidy

Before the new coronavirus pandemic, one of the main ways in which the UK’s Conservative Party boosted consumer confidence was pushing house prices up with the aid of various taxpayer-funded schemes such as Help to Buy.

But as the damage done by Covid-19 to the economy heaps pressure on the public purse, should the taxpayer still generously fund schemes that mainly serve to boost house prices and the fortunes of a few big companies and their already well-off clients?

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Home price falls threaten China’s capitalist communism

While all eyes are on Italy, the world’s second-largest economy is showing signs of trouble. China, this curious mix of communism and capitalism, is running out of steam – and ideas. Unless the Chinese government finds new ways to stimulate its economy, it might find itself facing the world’s biggest revolution.

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Sell European Utility Stocks, Buy UK Ones: Strategists

Italian utility Enel has a 20 percent premium to intrinsic value and analysts at Libra Investment Services reiterated their call to take profits.

But this time they were optimistic on UK utility stocks, battered after Labour party politicians’ calls for more regulation and caps on price rises.

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