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Central banks have bad news for property investors

As the major central banks are slowly retreating from their policy of asset purchases, we will probably witness some of the side effects of this withdrawal.

Warren Buffett famously said that “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” The tide is going out only slowly, but we are beginning to see, at least in the UK, the damage the ultra loose monetary policy has done.

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As home prices hit record levels, negative equity looms

A statement from Halifax shares the “good” news: home prices paid by first-time buyers are the highest ever.

In the first half of this year, first-time buyers paid on average £207,693 for a home, the highest price on record. This is 4% higher than a year ago, and 50% higher than five years ago.

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Banking on a rate cut in India after demonetization

By Sourajit Aiyer

The Indian central bank’s upcoming policy review this week, a month after demonetization, holds ample suspense for a possible interest rate cut.

The demonetization of Rs 500/1,000 currency notes since November 8 has led to a rapid inflow of deposits in banks. Brought in to fight black market money and counterfeits, the amount in circulation in these notes was estimated at around Rs 14 trillion, i.e.  about 86% of the total.

Citizens were asked to deposit them in their banks, leading to the deposit surge. The Hindu, a leading daily, said ~Rs 8.5 trillion had been deposited by end November and estimated it to reach  between Rs 10-11 trillion by early-December.

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Contrarian ‘buy’ signals are strong, but so is the fear of debt

The contrarian “buy” signals in the markets keep increasing, but this doesn’t mean investors will rush and buy like in the good times.

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Why are global stock markets crashing and for how long?

Global stock markets serve as a brutal reminder that nothing can ever be taken for granted when investing.

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Contrarian ‘buy’ signals increase as stock markets tank

After the carnage in the stock markets — it was the worst start of the year ever for U.S. stock markets — a look at capital flows can give some clues on where the markets might be headed next.

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Bearishness increases, but flows get close to triggering a ‘buy’ signal

Bearishness increased for the short term (a one to two weeks horizon) while intermediate-term bullishness on US stock markets has tempered, flows data around the first interest rate raise by the Federal Reserve in nearly a decade show.

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Spanish banks on the mend as bad loans subside

The financial crisis of 2007-2009 has left a lot of collapsed Spanish castles in its wake, hitting Spanish banks hard.

Pictures of Spain’s ghost towns were splashed across the world’s newspapers at the beginning of the eurozone debt crisis. True, they weren’t as impressive as the Chinese ghost cities, but they show what excess debt and an inflated real estate sector can do to a country – and to its banks.

However, more than five years on since the crisis, the story is slowly changing.

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