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‘Buy’ signal getting close after ‘massive’ outflows

There have been “massive” outflows from capital markets in the past week, but although they brought Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s “bull and bear” indicator close to the “buy” signal, they haven’t managed to trigger it.

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Sell signal still flashing despite the stock market correction

The past week has not been encouraging for investors, with many asset classes haemorrhaging funds at increased speed.

The week before that, on January 30, the Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Bull/Bear indicator triggered a sell signal for the first time in five years, and markets sold off.

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Sell signal finally triggered, stock markets sell off

What a week last week was for stock markets, and especially for one particular indicator. The Bank of America Bull/Bear indicator, which the week before last came within a whisker of the Sell signal, last week went above it, for the first time in five years.

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Stock market sell signal almost triggered for the first time in five years

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bull/Bear indicator last week hit the highest level since its last sell signal, just as U.S. President Donald Trump took credit, once again, for the surge in the stock market.

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‘Sell’ signal inches forward as stock market froth rises

Sentiment was getting even closer to triggering a “sell” signal in the stock markets last week, as investors’ enthusiasm climbed even more.

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‘Bull capitulation’ starts for stock markets; sell signal is near

It’s hard to find a more bullish start to a year than this one. There were “blockbuster” inflows of capital into stocks, as well as corporate and emerging markets bonds, according to the latest analysis by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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The risk rally looks set to continue

The recent risk rally still has legs — at least that’s the case judging by the Bull & Bear indicator compiled by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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Flight to safety continues in the first week of 2015

This year started like 2014 finished when it comes to capital flows. Money flew out of risky assets such as high-yield debt and equities, and into the safety of high grade – or investment-grade rated – bonds.

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Why did stock markets fall?

Tuesday’s sharp drop in global stock markets doesn’t make much sense taken in isolation. But the warning signs had been accumulating for a while.

The key question is: is this the beginning of the end of the bull market, or is it just another wobble?

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High yield bonds have the worst year since 2004

It is official: this was the worst year for high yield bonds in the past 10 years.

Outflows totalling $8.6 billion year-to-date exceed the $6.2 of outflows from high yield bonds in 2011, when the eurozone was in full swing, analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch noted in their weekly report.

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