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Brexit will make the Leave voters’ problems worse

As the day of Brexit approaches (or not), emotions are running high. Particularly on the side of those wanting to remain in the European Union, there has been unprecedented unity and clarity in pushing for a deeper understanding of what the EU actually is.

However, this may come too late. A fundamental lack of knowledge and understanding of the EU is the root of the problems facing the UK today – not just the British government’s negotiation efforts, but also the public at large. Let’s look first at the main thing that sets the British apart from the people on the continental EU.

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Labour reform in the eurozone: what is needed?

Investors have come to believe the European Central Bank (ECB) will print money and all will be good again. Consensus is that this will happen sometime in the first three months of 2015.

But they ignore the biggest problem that the eurozone has, which has not been solved by successive governments: reforming the labour market.

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