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Eurozone banks are doing better, lending improves

One piece of good news about the eurozone has been overshadowed by the ongoing, Syriza-orchestrated drama on Greece: lending continues to improve, and with it, the prospects for the single currency area.

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Emerging Europe growth slows sharply

Countries in the region where the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) operates will see their annual growth rate slowing to 1.3% this year from last year’s 2.3%, the bank predicts in its annual transition report.

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Demand for loans in Eastern Europe improves

You have to squint to notice it, but it looks like things are finally on the mend in Central and Eastern Europe on the financial front.

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Dress like a zombie bank this Halloween, says analyst

If you’re still struggling to put together a Halloween costume, RBS strategist Alberto Gallo suggests trying to dress like a zombie bank.

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ECB June 5 meeting: negative interest rates, deflation and quantitative easing

By Antonia Oprita

After all the noise about deflation – “excessive”, in one economist’s opinion – market expectations of decisive monetary easing action at the ECB June 5 meeting are running high.

Investors are once again looking at ECB President Mario Draghi to save the eurozone. Can he do it?

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