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UK pensions are a time bomb; Brexit might help detonate it early

As if we didn’t know already, last week we got another reminder of the economic disaster that Brexit is shaping up to be: Retail sales weakened in the UK, as price rises eat into consumers’ purchasing power.

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UK election has only one loser: the British people

The early UK election highlights the harm done by the Brexit vote, but also its short-term winner: the Conservative party. Hidden for now is the long-term loser: the British people.

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India’s unique business opportunity: pensioners’ haven

By: Sourajit Aiyer

For global affluent retirees, it is becoming increasingly obvious that,if they want to live relatively inexpensively and maximize the utilization of their wealth, they should look at relocation. And what better place to relocate to than India, with its rich cultural tradition and diverse landscapes?

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