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Watch commercial banks’ interest rates for clues on the future

While all eyes are on what central banks will do with interest rates, consumers and investors alike should really worry about what commercial banks will do.

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Will the UK impose a wealth tax to pay for Covid-19?

The fact that chatter about a wealth tax is increasing to the point where it could become reality in the UK should not be a surprise. But it would be a very odd thing for a Conservative government to be the one to actually implement it.

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A new recession could start soon in the US: strategist

The US economy is vulnerable to a new recession that could take place soon, renowned bearish analyst Albert Edwards wrote in recent research.

This means the 33-year bull market in bonds is not nearing its end, as some commentators had thought it might after the recent sudden rise in yields on sovereign bonds.

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The curse of cheaper oil hits some emerging markets

The Goldilocks scenario about the lower price of oil fuelling an economic boom has a few big holes, mainly when it comes to emerging markets.

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Wider correction in stocks unlikely, says strategist

The main ingredient missing from stock markets right now is confidence, and savvy investors must hold their nerve, according to a strategist.

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