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Why the bonds selloff? Central banks have lost it

There’s no easy way to put this: the central banks are like the naked emperor in the well-known story. And the only solution that could save us from the next recession is so politically sensitive that it will not be put into practice.

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Young people’s poverty has now become acceptable

By Antonia Oprita

A report due to be released on Tuesday by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) is likely to make some interesting reading (and yes, I am aware of how nerdy this sounds).

The report is about the “intergenerational transmission of poverty in the UK & EU,” an issue that is becoming more and more obvious as inequality rises following the measures taken to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis on capital markets.

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India’s unique business opportunity: pensioners’ haven

By: Sourajit Aiyer

For global affluent retirees, it is becoming increasingly obvious that,if they want to live relatively inexpensively and maximize the utilization of their wealth, they should look at relocation. And what better place to relocate to than India, with its rich cultural tradition and diverse landscapes?

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