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The European Union is still the best place for global talent

Continental Western Europe, and the European Union in particular, have often been criticised as stagnant bureaucracies that impede creativity and growth. The US and UK economies have been praised as the places to go for people who wanted to see their careers thrive.

It is true that the Anglo-Saxon model, with its focus on free markets, works best for entrepreneurial types – witness the absolute dominance of Silicon Valley in the world of tech, or the City of London in banking.

And yet, when it comes to developing, attracting and retaining talent, it looks like the EU — or at least Western Europe and countries associated with the EU — are still the best places.

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Investment opportunities in India’s education

By: Sourajit Aiyer

Private and foreign interest in India’s higher-education sector is way below the potential. This interest is largely restricted to the more unregulated segments like technical, professional and vocational education. The school and university segments (which form the larger chunk of the sector) are not on the radar due to archaic regulations.

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