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Buy in May and go away?

It looks like the old saying “Sell in May and go away” has just been turned on its head. After cratering for seven weeks, the S&P 500 index ended last week up 6.6%

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Young retail investors do not care about ESG; not really

One of the most widely accepted “truths” about ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing is that young investors are very keen to put their money into companies that show strong ESG credentials.

Entire marketing strategies have been built around this idea. But what if, in fact, this “truth” turns out to be no more than myth?

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Emerging markets send two big warnings to investors

With the eyes on the US presidential election and the second wave of Covid-19, investors around the world can be forgiven if they have missed two important warnings from emerging markets.

However, with the election (almost) out of the way, it may be time to go through the rest of the news flow and think properly about the two events that may have been overlooked: the postponing of the world’s biggest stock listing (China’s Ant Group), and the firing of the governor of the Turkish central bank.

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A big shift in investor focus is under way: strategist

Investors are beginning to focus again more and more on fundamentals, after having based their decisions on central bank action since the Federal Reserve started printing money in 2008.

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Stock market returns low, risk high from here

Investors who missed using the mid-October low in the market as an entry point have been “unable to capture the turnaround” and will struggle to do so, Chris Tinker, co-founder of Libra Investment Services, noted in research last week.

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