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If you are stockpiling ahead of Brexit, you need to stop

I know the chances of anyone paying attention to this article are slim, but it’s worth putting it out there nevertheless. If you are stockpiling to prepare for Brexit, as it increasingly is the fashion, you need to stop. You are doing yourself and the others around you more harm than good.

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UK buy-to-let tax reform should not be reversed

The new chancellor of the UK, Philip Hammond, will present his first Autumn Statement on November 23. There are hopes in certain quarters that he will reverse a plan by the previous chancellor to stat phasing out tax relief on interest rates for buy-to-let mortgages.

If he does reverse it, he will make a big mistake with dire consequences down the line. The previous chancellor, with various governmental programs such as Help to Buy, had already blown up a real estate bubble — helped of course by loose monetary policy and a flood of cheap money from abroad.

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No, Brexit Won’t Make the UK the Apple of Apple’s Eye

The European Commission’s ruling requesting Ireland to ask Apple to pay back around €13 billion in tax arguing that it distorted competition has led to some enthusiastic commentary in the media that a post-Brexit U.K. would become more attractive for multinationals. I am not sure that will be the case. At least, not without a big compromise over what Brexit means.

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