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Is it too late to stop Facebook from destroying democracy?

Facebook started out by inspiring admiration for its ability to connect people and help them trace down long-lost relatives, former school mates and old flames.

But as it has grown bigger and bigger, Facebook increasingly looks like a black hole that swallows up small businesses, livelihoods, and, in the end, democracy itself.

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The media crisis could bring the end of democracy

This has been a year when the world’s values changed in ways many people would have believed impossible. The Brexit vote was a vote for disintegration and isolation, rather than integration and cooperation. Hot on its heels came the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Both votes prove that public opinion is turning away from the liberal values that seemed, only at the beginning of the year, to solidly anchor the Western world. What it is turning towards definitely looks like a not-so-liberal, not-so-tolerant version of democracy.

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Lower oil prices, the doom and the boom

Oil prices have always had a big political component, but it seems that increasingly they also have a financial, speculative one. And if this means oil stays cheaper for longer, we may be in for a very strong economic boom.

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Top 10 Stories of 2014 on Marketmoving.info

As this year draws to a close, it’s time for a quick review of the issues that the readers of Marketmoving.info have found most interesting.

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Equities rally may be on shaky ground

The equities rally seen on Friday and which continued Monday morning in Asia seems to have been caused by bargain-hunting following strong outflows over the previous week.

But it is on shaky ground, because the Fed is unlikely to extend its liquidity provisions, so volatility is on the rise.

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Liquidity conditions worsen

Liquidity conditions are worsening, which means recent volatility in markets is likely to continue and even get worse, a monthly liquidity gauge compiled by investment advisory firm Cross Border Capital shows.

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Equities suffer heavy outflows

Equities suffered heavy outflows last week, when investors took refuge in the safety of bonds, according to two reports.

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Bears gain ground over bulls in markets

An indicator of market sentiment shows the bears gaining ground as the bulls did not manage to take the latest stock rally too far.

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Inflation on the rise as recruitment ramps up

Inflation will almost certainly go up, despite fears expressed by some policymakers and analysts that the world’s major economies are headed for deflation, research by insurance and pensions provider Legal & General shows.

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