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To understand (or prevent) the next crisis, read ‘The Money Formula’

Do you want to know how the next financial crisis will arrive, and how it could be prevented? In that case, read “The Money Formula“, a book by Paul Wilmott and David Orrell published earlier this year.

It shows you, with mathematical precision, what the financial world did not learn from the previous crisis. It also shows why it is so difficult for the rest of the world to catch them out.

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US equities more attractive than European equities

US equities are more attractive on a risk and return basis than European equities or even Asian ones, despite the end of quantitative easing in the US and its beginning in the eurozone.

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Wider correction in stocks unlikely, says strategist

The main ingredient missing from stock markets right now is confidence, and savvy investors must hold their nerve, according to a strategist.

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